Ebdaa Group
  • Unlike commonly experienced architecture
    Distinct from built-up structures that can be contemplated
  • Different from plays being performed at the theater
    What is at stake here is the concentrated distribution of energy within the city
  • This circulation creates lapses of rebellion
    fantasy and anarchy prodding humanity for a reaction
  • The revelation of a new organism in the city keeps it at a constant challenge with itself
    It is therefore either accepted or not, relying on the citizens' choosing

About Ebdaa Group


we turn ideas into works of art.

Our work spans all sectors and can be achieved at all scales. We aim to create spaces that are in synchronization with their surroundings in a transformative, cultural, and corporate frame, among other places. Ebdaa Group continually seeks to be a global leader in pioneering research and leading design investigation. At Ebdaa Group collaboration with artists, designers, engineers and clients that lead their industries has advanced the practice's multiplicity and knowledge.



Urban Planning



Physical infrastructure for data center and security systems

check for more details: www.infrastruxured.com

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Email info@ebdaa-lb.com

Wings center, Block A, 1st floor
P.O.Box 25/321
Mar Mekhael, Beirut, Lebanon
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